B-E-A-ujolais - A fruity wine that is simply divine

B-E-A-ujolais - A fruity wine that is simply divine

Here at Urban Guild, we set out to give you the best possible experience every time you’re nice enough to come and see us.  Sometimes, that means delivering our seasonally prepared, beautifully cooked food with a glass of local craft ale or a cappuccino from our friends at Bad Hand. Sometimes, however, it means bringing you an exclusive experience you cannot get for the rest of the year… Enter; Beaujolais and Burger night!

The bottle you'll be enjoying with us

Let’s talk Beaujolais Nouveau for second. You may be wondering why this stuff is so special, why it’s so exclusive, or even wondering what it is. In essence, it’s a very young wine, from a very small region, of which very little is made. It came about when the wine farmers of France would meet on the 3rd Thursday of November (or Beaujolais nouveau day as it has since been named) every year to celebrate the end of the harvest. And that is DEFINITELY something we can get behind.

The reason we’re so excited about having some is because the window that you’re to enjoy it in is so small. You have about 6-8 weeks after bottling to be able to experience the light, fruity character the Beaujolais Nouveau brings.

And, while we HATE playing the price card, two burgers and a whole bottle of this hard-to-get, once-a-year treat is outstanding value (if we may say so ourselves ;) )

The boss is ready!

So what are you waiting for? Urban Beach manager and legitimate Frenchman Mark Chohra is super excited and you should be too. We’re running out of time! Grab your tickets here.

Beaujolais and Burger night – come and see what the fuss is about. Hugs xx