Beer, deer and Christmas cheers - Urban Christmas

Beer, deer and Christmas cheers - Urban Christmas

#SantaChoseUs for his Christmas party this year because we think they should be EPIC. Whatever you wish for this year, the Urban Guild are prepared to make your season’s dreams come true! We’re taking bookings now from December the 1st onwards, to fill the month with Christmas cheer. Here are just 3 of the many scenarios we can deliver for all you party people on the nice list this year!


The first stop on Santa’s route!

Say you want to take your party into town, full stomached and feeling jolly. Our very own Urban Garden is in the heart of Bournemouth town centre and ready to spend its first Christmas with you! Just a snowball’s throw away from all the must-hit spots in Bournemouth, we can fill up you with amazing food, drink, and atmosphere that comes with one of the best locations around. Party on the tree-line all night long or fuel up with Christmas spirit(s) and spread your joy across the town!


Town is so close you can taste it!

The big day!

What about if the 25th is growing ever closer and no one wants to cook? We’ve got that covered too! The Urban Beach hotel is open on Christmas day and taking bookings now for sit down meals with every Christmas classic you can imagine, with an array of other delicious dishes for you to choose from. To check out their 5 course (!) festive menu, click the link below. We’ll have the fire on and the crackers at the ready, eager to make your Christmas extra special.


Warm and cosy <3 (We'll turn off the fire when Santa comes to deliver)

Proper Party!

You want to get up and move to celebrate an amazing year? Urban Reef is the place to be. Platters and pints served at the bar, the music will jingle away and the focus will be on having a blast! Right on the seafront, feel the motion from the ocean wash over you ;)

Looking good, seated or stood x

Bear in mind, these are just three of the endless ways we can serve you this year. Every venue is offering an amazing menu and a stocking-load of combinations and services. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, go to and drop us an enquiry. If your letter to Santa is already finalised and you already know exactly what you want, drop us an email at Each venue has a dedicated Christmas fairy that is there to fulfill all your holiday needs.

From everyone at the Guild, holiday hugs and lots of love xx