Step behind the Urban Beach bar

Step behind the Urban Beach bar


Urban Beach is passionate about using their creativity to curate awesome syrups, drinks and infusions. Unlike shop brought processed products, Mark and his team work hard to use old fashioned techniques to create natural, fresh, and amazing tasting drinks.

Urban Beach’s homemade creations can be divided into syrups, infused spirits & drinks.  



Homemade Syrups

Tonic Syrup

Enjoy a rustic flavoured syrup, perfectly paired with either Tanqueray  or Conker gin.

Made with; juniper, angelica root, gentian root, cinnamon, grapefruit & lemon peel, citric acid, sugar, cinchona bark.


Avocado Orgeat syrup

Orgeat, is a sweet syrup, traditionally made from almonds and added to many Tiki style drinks.

However, Urban Beach want to reduce waste and so they use the avocado pits from all their smashed avocado breakfast leftovers. The result of this is a delicious nutty sugar syrup.


Coke Syrup

Coca Cola, one of the most popular soft drinks, but imagine that flavour being even better! Well Urban Beach have done just that, this syrup will take you to another level of flavour.   Pair with a delicious rum or perhaps even in a Long Island Ice Tea, the choice is yours, they both taste amazing!

Made with; lavender, lemon, orange & lime peel, star anise, cinnamon, caramel, water & sugar


Tea Syrup           

If you haven’t yet heard Urban Beach are now serving the amazing loose leaf Canton Tea.You can watch the leaves as they ‘agonise’ in a dainty glass tea point, and time the brewing just right to get the perfect cup of tea.

The guys at Urban Beach decided to experiment with their new tea, putting Chamomile tea with Johnnie Walkers.

Find out more about Canton here 


Ginger Ale syrup

Traditionally drinks such as a Moscow Mule will be made with ginger beer, however Urban Beach always want to add their own personal twist. Instead their own Ginger Syrup can be added creating a fresher yet delicate ginger taste.



Homemade drinks

Not only do Urban Beach create their own syrups but they’ve also curated their own drinks.

A personal favourite is their homemade cranberry vermouth.  Shaken not stirred , served with charred orange zest.  Forget the Cosmopolitan, Mark and his team present the Cosmologist.

Across all of our Urban Guild sites we love seasonal flavours, Urban Beach decided to jazz up the usual lemonade to create a fresher, seasonal and simply divine homemade lemonade. Perfect for sitting out on the Urban Beach deck in the sunshine (it is currently shinning, I promise).



House infused spirits

Feeling like you want to escape to a tropical island – well, Urban Beach have created the taste of summer. Their coconut rum, fat washed with coconut oil, and infused with Palo Santo wood gives it an exquisite pine and herbal flavouring.



P.S. Keep your eyes peeled with a new drinks menu coming out soon