Smiles for silver, grins for gold

Smiles for silver, grins for gold

What can we say? Thank you, is the most important thing. Thanks to each and every one of you who have supported the Urban Guild's journey over the past 14 years.

The Urban Guild family had the amazing opportunity to be entered into the BH Star Awards this year. If you don’t know what the BH Star Awards are, they were created to “honour and bring public recognition for varied achievements and positive contributions from those professionals working in the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors”.

There were lots of other passionate, hospitality-obsessed guys like us. Some were smaller businesses and organisations, some were larger – all of ’em were amazing. So we sent Urban Guild founder, Mark, and our Head of Marketing, Matt, to go up to the Lighthouse centre for arts in Poole to see who would rank bronze, silver and gold in all the different sectors.

So, what awards did we win?

Mark Cribb at the BH Star AwardsOur proudest moment of the evening (can you tell by that smile) was winning GOLD in the ‘Boutique Hotel’ category for Urban Beach Hotel. 

That’s right – we came out on top! Cheers, smiles and claps filled the room for our lovely little boutique hotel in Boscombe, Urban Beach. Mark Cribb thanked everyone who has supported the hotel over the past 14 years:

"With hundreds of bars and restaurants in town, every time someone chooses one of mine I’d like to leap out and give them a little thank you hug. We are not owned by a corporate board of directors in London. I’m a local guy, with a couple of young kids and a love of human beings, food, drinks and time. Our customers are utterly awesome, and it is with all their love and support that The Urban Guild has continued to grow and be the best it can be. Our lovely staff at The Urban Beach Hotel were painted with smiles when they found out we’d won best boutique hotel, and so they should be. I’m proud of all that The Urban Beach has been and become over the last 14 years.”

Urban Guild founder, Mark Cribb


So again, thank you. We’ll hold onto our awards and display them proudly until we get gold again next year ;)