We sell seashells when you sip a straw

We sell seashells when you sip a straw

Yep, you heard us. Our straws are made from seashells – they’re non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

So, we have been doing this for a while now across the Urban Guild. They’re different from paper straws because they look and feel like plastic – they won’t fall apart in your drink.

Biodegradable straws

We have had our biodegradable straws since 2017 and they fit in VERY nicely with our seaside town vibes. They not only save the planet but they are made from ground seashells and chitin that is dehydrated to create Chitosan.

It takes up to 200 years for a regular plastic straw to decompose – they are the 8th most found ocean rubbish alongside cigarettes, bottles, bags and other single-use plastics. They kill millions of seabirds and marine animals each year.  That’s really sad because we love animals – slimy, fluffy and feathered.

For you, me & the tree

Our biodegradable straws, once degraded, can then be used as organic fertiliser. This fertiliser balances the PH in the soil – so after you are done sipping up all the nutrients from your Mojito, the plants can slurp up all the goodness they need too. Sharing is caring.

We take lots of other measures to help make the world as healthy and happy as we are. If you’re grabbing a pizza at The Wood Oven, we’d love it if you could use a plate when eating in but we also have tonnes of boxes for takeaway that are 100% biodegradable (same as our takeaway cups!) . We also love to get involved in beach cleans, and recently we have got our very own reusable cups made from rice husk (100% natural)! You can read more about those here.

How you lap up the enviro-goodness

Leave only footprints bournemouth

Bournemouth Council is working very hard (collecting around 2000 tons of waste per year!) to keep our beach looking beautiful & make Bournemouth Greener. So if you have any rubbish – the blue bins are for recycling and black for general waste. And if you’d like one of our seashell straws when you’re joining us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails or just a snack – just ask.

Read more about Bournemouth Council’s #LeaveOnlyFootprints here


Thanks for taking the time – we really do appreciate all the support from people who think just like us.
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