Canton Tea at the Urban Beach Hotel

Canton Tea at the Urban Beach Hotel


A staple of the British diet. 

Something the majority of us drink every single day.

And in classic Urban Beach manor, we want you guys to be consuming as much goodness as we can possibly provide. That’s why we’re stepping our tea game up. Introducing Canton Tea!

Canton sources the finest tea from the most prolific tea-plant hot spots in the world and has been supplying a premium product to the hospitality sector since 2007. They’re loose leaf teas, meaning you can see them ‘agonise’ in the hot water through our clear tea-pots (it’s beautiful).  

Canton are helping us provide the most engaging and enjoyable tea experience to you. And that goes beyond supplying the product…

You’d be amazed at how complex tea can be. Did you know that boiling water is actually too hot to properly brew most teas? And that different teas need to brew longer than others depending on their strength and leaf size? Neither did we…

Luckily, we had Carrie from Canton visit us to deliver a comprehensive training session and a run down on brew times, water temperatures and tea weights so we can pour you the perfect cuppa.




All these factors change depending on the type and flavour of the tea. And we have quite the variety;

  • English breakfast
  • Decaf English breakfast
  • Earl Gray
  • Jade Green Tips
  • Moroccan Mint
  • Cooked Puerh
  • Berry & Hibiscus
  • Chamomile
  • Jade Oolong
  • Lemongrass and Ginger

So whether you’re feeling adventurous, or you’ve got a hankering for your ol’ reliable brew, Urban Beach has got everything you need; a roaring fire, fresh baked treats, and Canton tea on deck (or in the restaurant).

We’ll stick the kettle on!

Hugs xx