Cider Festival At Urban Beach

Cider Festival At Urban Beach

Join us at the Urban Beach hotel the weekend of Saturday 25th May for a celebration of all things cider. How do you like them apples x


We will be serving up FIVE guests ciders, and five in-house ciders of all different styles, to suit all different tastes. Alongside this, we are offering Cider cocktails - from classic panache's to cider punch, ALL WEEKEND!

It's going to be cider-tastic. 

Sunday will host the main event - we will be showcasing live music in the afternoon, alongside cider and cheddar cheese tasting. Come and try a range of guest ciders, paired perfectly with a variety of cheddar cheeses sourced within the UK.

Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect to see this weekend:

The five guest ciders we have to offer:

Slack Alice

Slack Alice is a sharp, well rounded and popular cider. It is a pale golden colour with an aroma of apples crafted from Cider apples homegrown from Herefordshire. At a strength of 4.6% we know that this drink will be a hit.


Ernie Boys

This is a cider that is crafted from Lyme Bay around 25 years ago. But it has been a hit ever since. After winning many awards for its golden colour and ingredients, Ernie Boys is a cider you have to try. 


Lily the Pink

Winner of the Gold award at the International Cider Challenge 2018. A medium fruity cider with a gorgeous delicate pink hue. Made using 100% cider apples and its ABV only at 4.5%.

Black Rat Perry

This is a pear-based cider aimed at younger adults. But is welcome for all to try as it has heavy sweetness and a cloudy texture. A strong and flavoursome cider at 7.5%.

Slack Ma Girdle

Slack-ma-Girdle is a late sweet cider apple, commonly found in old Devon orchards. Producing a rich full-bodied cider with a pleasant ‘woody’ aroma. It makes a strong, good drink which is traditionally very popular

All Ciders are £4.50 for a pint and then £2.25 for a half. You might just find your new favourite tipple - join us from Saturday the 25th of May, right through to Monday to celebrate all things cider. 


We also have 5 different kinds of cheese at the event which have been found from all over Dorset and Somerset just for you. The 5 kinds of cheese are as followed:

Westcombe cheddar, Somerset

An 11-18 month firm mature cheddar which is made from unpasteurised Holstein-Friesian milk. A deep and complex flavour profile with a mellow lactic tang, hints of hazelnuts and caramel.

Coastal cheddar, Ford Farm, Dorset

Traditionally made aged cheddar for a minimum of 15 months, pasteurised and matured on the Jurrasic coast. A very distinctive crunch from the calcium lactate crystals. Urban guild uses coastal cheddar as our main cheese.

Barbers 1833 vintage reserve, Somerset

Aged for at least 24 months, this pasteurised cheddar has sweet tones to level the tangy sharpness. Maryland farm boasts having the oldest cheddar starting culture, which is still used today. Not suitable for vegetarians

Wookey hole cave-aged cheddar, Ford Farm, Dorset

This cave-aged cheddar is a complex cheese with a mix of sweet, nutty,  creamy and earthy. Clothbound when taken to the caves gives this cheese that “musty” and “earthy” smell which all good cheddars carry.

Godminster cheddar- Bruton, Somerset

This 12-month aged cheddar is the only organic cheese on the flight. It's also the softest. With its rich depth of flavour and smooth and creamy texture, it stands great against sweet apples.