Goat is glorious – feeling baafled?

Goat is glorious – feeling baafled?

Good ol’ billy goats, usually seen climbing mountains, grazing on grass or causing trouble but why not on our dinner plates?

Unlike the majority of the world, the UK does not widely sell goat, and we wanted to find out 

Around 30,000 male kid goats are killed in the UK every year due to being a by product of the dairy industry, with only the female goats being kept for milk and cheese production. But we can prevent them from entering another waste channel, and let the males have a longer and happier life.

But this super tasty red meat is the perfect substitute (addition) to many, many dishes. Our personal favourite is our Jamaican style and chickpea & lentil New Forest Goat curry, with sticky rice, black beans & bhaji, a dish which climbs to the top of the mountain in all three of our venues... Be sure to give it a try – so we can prove to you how truly wonderful goat really is.  

We love local, so making sure all our ingredients are sourced locally and in season is super important to us. The lovely humans over at Meadowbrook Produce, in Christchurch, who supply us with our billys, sadly do not have any goat left this week – I know we’re sad too – but don’t worry, we’ve got some delicious West Country Lamb instead.

It’s also Love Lamb Week, so what better way to celebrate than with a warming West Country lamb curry.

A few months ago Urban Guild’s main man, Mark Cribb spoke with James Whetlor from Cabrito, who are kindly supplying us with some goat this weekend. James was inspired to stop all the billys going to total waste and inspire chefs to create delicious goat dishes. This has led to a growth of amazing UK restaurants, serving and enjoying it instead. You can find out more about this in the Humans of Hospitality podcast.