Healthy hugs & scrumptious squeezes

Healthy hugs & scrumptious squeezes

We’ve been working on something proper juicy down in Bournemouth square with our friends at Bourne Awesome. Whether you’re after something that’s good for your insides, your outsides or your ‘got out of the wrong side of the bed’ side, we’ve got it at the Bourne Awesome juice bar.


Let’s take a look and have a talk about the menu. Here it is:


Juices £4.50 (approx 500ml) Smoothies £4.90 (approx 500ml)
– Juice #1: Pineapple, yellow pepper, lemon & ginger
– Juice #2: Watermelon, beetroot, lemon & ginger 
– Juice #3: Carrot, orange & ginger 
– Juice #4: Cucumber, apple, kale, lime & mint
– Juice #5: 100% Carrot 
– Juice #6: 100% Orange
– Juice #7: 100% Apple 

– Smoothie #1: Pineapple, mint, spinach, oats, linseed & lime
– Smoothie #2: Coconut milk, banana, mango, pineapple & protein powder
– Smoothie #3: Almond milk, spinach, kale, banana, maple & agave syrup

Our bottles are made from recycled plastic. If you provide your own bottle we’ll take 20p off the price. 

Shots £1.90 (approx 50ml) Cups £2.95 (300ml tasters)
– Shot #1: Activated charcoal, lemon & maple and agave syrup
– Shot #2: Tumeric root & cherry
– Shot #3: Aloe, raw honey, lemon, pink salt & cayenne
– Shot #4: Lemon & ginger

– 100% Apple juice
– 100% Orange juice
– Banana smoothie:
 frozen banana and semi-skimmed milk

Allergens? Please check in with the team when you order and we’ll advise.


Bourne Awesome juice bar

Juices, smoothies, and shots named by number make it super easy to order whatever takes your fancy. You can then watch them be cold pressed, juiced or blended right in front of your very eyes. You don’t get fresher than that.

Juice for your insides

Juice number five is the perfect juice for a healthy heart. Carrots are packed with carotenoids (that’s what gives them their beautiful colour), fibre and vitamins that look after that part of you that does all the hugging and running of your body. Oh, and they help you see in the dark, of course.

Juice for your outsides


Smoothie number one is not only super refreshing – but has all the essentials for silky smooth skin. The spinach in this smoothie is full of natural anti-oxidants for an even complexion. This smoothie also has our ALL TIME favourite fruit – the pineapple. It’s not just a symbol of hospitality and making memories, it’s very good for you. Pineapples can help reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a disease that affects the eyes as people age, due in part to its high amount of vitamin C. As well as this, pineapple helps with digestion too – so no bloating for you. Oh and also it’s the Urban Guild logo x 

You might spot some ready-made, smaller bottles of fresh juice or infused waters. Things like cucumber water are really good for your skin – it’s even been used to treat acne. These are all made from fresh fruit and veg too, ready for you to grab and go if you’re in a little bit of a rush.

Juice for your morning slump side

We understand, sometimes getting up in the morning SUCKS – especially in this wet and windy weather. You might be dragging your feet and rubbing your eyes as you make your way to the bus stop. Your body just isn’t co-operating today. We don’t want that – we want your mornings to be awesome. If you’re on the run and need a quick pick-me-up, come and see us in the square for a shot (not the vodka kind that you might be recovering from).

The best shot to get over that morning slump is shot number four (packed with lemon & ginger). All that ginger is good for reducing pain or soreness and it boosts the immune system. Also – lemon aids digestion, freshens up that morning breath and it’s extremely hydrating. Plus, this shot really packs a punch that’s sure to wake up your taste buds. Tested, tried, and definitely woke up our lovely bartenders.

So, there we are. We hope to see you there x

Pop down and give us a go. You can find us in a little brown hut in the square opposite Natwest (other banks are available, just not next to an epic juice bar), near all the bus stops. For a SUPER specific location, our What3Words address is ///

The lovely juice tenders can sort you out with all your juice, smoothie and shot needs – and if you need a quick fix you can grab a ready-made bottle of whatever we’ve got on that day. The bar takes cash and card, with 100% of profits being reinvested in good causes for the town – 20% of going to the Bournemouth parks Foundation.  Check out the amazing range of projects they are working on at the moment and why we love them.

Big hugs, and stay awesome x