Humans of Hospitality LIVE at Urban Reef

Humans of Hospitality LIVE at Urban Reef

On Tuesday the 4th of February, Mark Cribb will be hosting a live evening of food and conversation at Urban Reef. Chef Quentin has created a bespoke menu from produce provided by the podcast guests, with a chance  for you to hear their stories and ask them questions. For anyone who's excited by beautiful food and intriguing interviews, this has you written all over it.

For those who haven’t listened before, ‘Humans of Hospitality’ is Mark Cribb’s way of giving a voice to the people of the independent hospitality and produce sectors, letting them tell their stories and explain their process via weekly podcast episodes. Check out the website here to discover the adventure and importance of independent hospitality in its broadest sense.

Of the many wonderful guests the podcast has seen, three will be joining us on February 4th to express their passion for their profession and the details of their craft.

Introducing the humans of hospitality… 

Tom Foot – Open Air Dairy

Tom’s 800 cows live their lives in the open air. They graze on fresh grass, have a surplus of space to moove around, and don’t even need to leave their fields to be milked. No one loves a happy cow more than Tom.

“They’re eating while lying down, then they get up and get milked which is about a ten-minute process and then they’re back eating grass again in the field”

 Check out Tom's podcast episode

Andrew Norton – New Forest Commoner

Check out Andrew's podcast episode

As a commoner, Andrew has the right to let his animals range freely across the beautiful Heathlands and woods of the New Forest. They live the life they were born for, and do wonders for their environment.

“I bought some new sheep a couple of years ago, and we turned them out amongst our other sheep. And because they weren’t used to the area, these half a dozen sheep took off, and they kept going. And I lost them, I lost them for a good few months”

Steven Lamb – River Cottage

Once a docu-drama following Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s attempts to set up his own smallholding 20 years ago, River Cottage has developed into an award winning cookery and chef’s school and the base for exquisite banquets and culinary expertise. Steven Lamb has been a part of this journey pretty much from the beginning.

“The organisation we are working with and partnered with are seeing the positive impact on their staff, on their culture, of what it is like to work with an ethos rather than just for profit”

Check out Steven's episode

Reduced price tickets are available here, doors open at 7pm and the event starts at 7:30pm at Urban Reef (by the sea at Boscombe Pier). See you there.

Big hugs xxx