Humans of Hospitality Live - The Highlights

Humans of Hospitality Live - The Highlights

HOH Live event round-up

February 4th was the day of the flagship Humans of Hospitality live event, and it encapsulated everything the podcast exists for. The evening was a celebration of hospitality, sustainability and experts of their craft, coming together to tell stories and enjoy the products of labour. We’d call that a success.

We want to send a huge thank you to everyone who was a part of the event. The guests were respectful, invested and interested from the get go, and it was truly exciting to see. We’re extremely grateful for Tom, Andrew and Steven for sparing their time to come and see us and making the event what it was.

The interviews were fascinating, and the speakers showed how they’ve climbed to the peak of their respective fields. The menu Chef Quentin presented did the speaker’s ingredients absolute justice and exhibited just how good produce can be when done in the right way, by the right people.

If you want a taste of what it was like to attend on the night, we put together a photo album and a short video showing a few moments from the conversations.

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‘Til then, big hugs and a massive thank you x