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For when the chips are down…

We have just added Invisible Chips to our menus across the Urban Guild, so we thought we would take the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about them.

Hospitality venues are an intrinsic part of the fabric of our lives. They are where we play out our biggest life events and we have great memories of being there for so many of you. We have been there for your first dates, we have organised proposals on the deck with a flash mob orchestra and choir, we have hosted some epic weddings, and been the shoulder to cry on when toasting the dearly departed. It's taken Covid-19 to help people up and down the country realise how much they love their favourite independent pubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels – and how keenly they miss them when they are not there to share these times with. 

Hospitality Action's new fundraising campaign is asking the public to achieve something rather wonderful – by buying a portion of nothing. Purchase a portion of Invisible Chips, and you'll be helping support people working in hospitality whose livelihoods are disappearing. During the lockdown, Mark took the time to catch up with the team from Hospitality Action and you can listen to that podcast to find out more. There's folk from the industry supporting this campaign as it gains traction and you can watch Fred (Of 'First Dates' fame) and Heston with his Triple Cooked 'Invisible Chips' get involved. 

But why chips? Everyone loves chips – admit it, you love chips. Our Invisible Chips are 0% fat and 100% charity; they are simple to prepare; they don't take up freezer space ... and they will never go past their sell-by date. So please: next time you are sat in our restaurant, chip in, buy a portion of Invisible Chips, and help us support hospitality families in financial crisis.

You'll find them on our menus, and they are exactly the same price as our normal chips.  Just ask a member of our team and they will add them to your bill. We will keep you updated on how much you are helping to raise too across our social channels. We want to bring a smile to people's faces. God knows we need the occasional smile underneath our masks right now.


Thanks for chipping in…

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