Leap ‘not March’ into the new month!

Leap ‘not March’ into the new month!

A leap year occurs once every four years and is a day of great tradition and spirituality. You might want to use the 29th of February as an opportunity to connect with Mother Nature and send powerful messages to the Universe, or just an extra lie in. Whatever you choose to do with those 24 bonus hours, make the most of it. We’ve put together a few ideas to inspire you. 

There’s power in the numbers

2 and 9: 29. Add them together and you get 11 - a significant number in many new age spiritual communities. If you’re up for connecting with the Universe and getting outdoors, we would suggest a bracing walk by the beach and cosying up with a warm drink afterwards.

Ladies, what do you propose?

The 29th of Feb is traditionally where women propose to their partners. A tradition that comes from Irish folk law. So, ladies why not make this day one to remember and pop the question, we know a hotel that could help make it extra special 😉

Time for a new challenge?

An extra day is motivation to achieve challenges and objectives we once thought were impossible. So why not take a leap of faith on this special day and perhaps try a new town centre venue you’ve maybe not been to before and reward yourself with a nice and refreshing cocktail at this Urban Garden paradise?

Create positive energy

Our philosophy is give a hug, get a hug in return so why not spread a bit of positivity on this extra day and send or give someone a warm hug.

Hugs x