Oh my veggies, it’s 2020

Oh my veggies, it’s 2020

Christmas and New Year have passed and we’ve officially entered a new decade! Now, we’re sure, like us, you’ve all written your New Year resolutions and are feeling pumped for all the excitement and challenges to come this year.

As many of you are probably aware, the global campaign, Veganuary has continued to encourage more and more people to try a plant based diet for 31 days.  And we want to be able to show you how truly wonderful vegan food really can be. Eating out doesn’t have to be a treat that is bad for you. Instead, it can be truly wholesome and healthy. Good for both the body and soul. Just like hugs.

Over the past few years we’ve been working hard to perfect and grow (pun not intended) our range of plant powered dishes for all you wonderful humans to enjoy. We have a delicious variety of locally sourced plant powered dishes, across all of venues, so whether you’re after a flapjack & cuppa tea at Urban Beach, a BBQ pulled oat ciabatta following a stroll through Bournemouth Lower Gardens or a plant powered breakfast after a romantic stroll along the Beach at Urban Reef, we’ve got it all!

And so we’ve put together just some of our favourite dishes for you to have a closer peek at... be careful, they’re mouth watering good and may make you rather hungry.

        Peanut butter & chocolate flapjacks 

        Salt-baked celeriac 

        Slow roast squash in Hampshire made herbed butter and crushed seeds


2020 is your year and we’re rooting for you! Hugs x

P.S. You can now get 2-4-1 on all mains in our venues, just a small hug from us to you as you come into the New Year!