Open Air Dairy

Open Air Dairy

We’re halfway through British Food Fortnight, so we thought we’d take a minute to celebrate a British favourite; cheese. And more specifically, celebrate some of the people who do it right, like our friends at Open Air Dairy, based in Little Bredy, Dorset. While remaining far too humble, Tom and Neil are pioneers and innovators of the dairy industry. Their cows also live for about 13 years; that’s 10 years more than cows in intensive farming, and we can put this down to their amazing quality of life. They don’t even have to leave their field to be farmed, thanks to Open Air’s ingenious mobile milk parlour, which makes them totally unique compared to any large scale dairy farm in Europe!

“So they are digesting while lying down, then they get up and get milked which is about a ten-minute process and then they’re back eating grass again in the field.” – Tom Foot, Episode 32 of Humans of Hospitality.

If you want to hear more of their story in more detail, check out the episode of the Humans of Hospitality podcast where they join Mark Cribb for a chat about their journey and achievements:

As a super brief summary, here are a few reasons why their cheese is the best!

-          It’s made from free-range, pasture fed cow’s milk

This means they’re happy, healthy and live a normal cow life out in fields, not in barns!

-          The fats found in this kind of milk are high-quality (It’s full of good stuff!)

Their cheese has no additives or chemicals, which means there’s a higher vitamin D and calcium content.

-          It’s fatty in a good way

The fats found in cheese are high-quality and all-natural, and paired with fatty acids like omega-3


Not only are Open Air looking after you, but they’re also doing big things for the planet.

The amount of carbon and methane emissions they are cutting by rejecting mass-farming and cattle transport to milking parlours really can’t be understated, and the alternative process they have developed would be a literal life-saver if others tried to follow their level of ingenuity.

Convinced? Thought so ;)

Follow the link below to check out their property, owners and stockists so you can get your hands on some products ASAP, and keep an eye out for our menu items, as we’ll soon be using Open Air products in venues!

And remember, eat local wherever possible. You’re doing yourself, the community and the planet a favour when you so. Hugs xx