Making a cake using the Humans of Hospitality podcast

Making a cake using the Humans of Hospitality podcast

If you haven’t hopped on the podcast train yet – you gotta. Podcasts are on the rise – they're educational, easy to listen to and there’s something to suit everyone. Today we wanted to tell you in particular about the Humans of Hospitality podcast – hosted by our very own Mark Cribb.

The Humans of Hospitality podcast is all about voicing the stories and insights of the humans behind independent hospitality. If you’d like to learn about the amazing people that dedicate their lives to making the world more diverse for our daily enjoyment, this podcast is for you. To give you a quick TASTE of what you can expect from the podcast – we are going to build a PODCAST CAKE, right here. Right now.

First – flour!

In the latest episode of the Humans of Hospitality podcast, Mark talks to Michael Stoates of Stoate and Sons traditional miller. Michael is a fifth-generation miller, which means he knows a whole lot about flour. Michael & Mark go into detail about how the bread-making industry is ever -changing, why traditional milling makes the world of difference to taste and what gluten REALLY is.

Michael Stoat - Stoat and Sons

00:44:55 “So it’s going to be that those with less disposable income, those who are on a tight household budget that is less likely to be able to afford, which seems a bit unfair in lots of respects because why should they miss out on having a healthy, nutritious diet?”

Listen to the episode here. 

Next, the dairy

So, next, we are adding the dairy. In episode 14, Mark spoke to Ceri Cryer from Brinkworth Dairy. A SUPER interesting podcast that doesn’t just discuss milk – but cheese too, and even veganism. Do we really need cows? Why are peoples lifestyle choices changing?

Brinkworth Dairy & Ceri

00:46:17 “You know, it’s about all, all doing our own little stuff. Nobody’s perfect at ended. I don’t think we can live on planet earth and have zero impact.”

Listen to the Ceri Cryer episode here.

Something sweet, something savoury

Here is the question – do you prefer chocolate cake or coffee cake?

In episode 9, Mark spoke chocolate-loving founder of Chococo – Claire Burnet. An amazing episode with a great story to get the inspiration flowing - Find out why Claire uses ‘Raisetrade’ chocolate (it’s different to Fairtrade) and how the mantra ‘spend a little, learn a lot’ has helped the couple grow their business from that tiny kitchen to four buzzing Chocolate Houses in Hampshire, Devon and Sussex, as well as Dorset.

Mark and Claire - Chococo

Listen to episode 9 here.

Or – if you’re a coffee cake fanatic, listen to Marks interview with Joel Lovett of Bad Hand Coffee. Bad Hand supply coffee to all of our venues, they are super eco-friendly and just a cool bunch of humans that are extremely passionate about what they do. 

Bad Hand Coffee - Heather & Joel

Learn more about Bad Hand here.

Cake by those who know it best

And now that we have our ingredients – we, of course, need an expert baker by our side because we just write the blog posts. We aren’t all that good at making cakes, unfortunately – but we know someone who is.

Emma-Goss Custard (first of all, what a fitting second name) is a lover of premium products and baking with them, so she created Honeybuns. In this conversation, you’ll hear how Emma managed to win over customers like John Lewis and Harvey Nichols early on in her business career and how, 20 years on, her gluten-free bakery Honeybuns, is still thriving, even though the cake world has become amazingly competitive.

Honeybuns - Emma-Goss Custard

Listen to Emma's story here.

Enjoy, tuck into the Humans of Hospitality podcast

Whether you’re on the way to work, in the gym, got a spare five minutes or relaxing before bed – we hope you get a chance to give the Humans of Hospitality podcast a listen. It will allow you to not only listen to Marks views (and thus our own values and ethics at the Urban Guild) but the views of many other independent suppliers around the UK who are SO PASSIONATE about what they do.

Big hugs x