Protect the Coast with the Most!

Protect the Coast with the Most!

Buckets and Spades at the ready, let’s get building!

We love giving all sorts of hugs, but this month in particular we gave all you beach-goers an extra special hug. And what a treat it is...our plastic beach toy share box.

Our environmentally friendly hug came about with the inspiration of our friends at Plastic Free Bournemouth, a social movement run by volunteers who are dedicated to raising awareness for plastic pollution. They work to support individuals and local businesses to become more sustainable. According to Dorset Coastline Research, the appearance of plastic has been continuously rising, particularly on our coastlines, and PFB aren’t going to let that go unnoticed!

We’re currently in the process of building our sustainability pages for each site to let you know exactly how much we love the environment. But when we were approached to host one of their green-genius toy boxes, we jumped on the opportunity (obviously!)

You can find the box down on the beach at Urban Reef. We put it out there every day in the hopes that the lovely beach-goers and holiday makers will use our toys and return them instead of buying a bag themselves which they may only use a couple of times. All we ask in return is a quick 2 minute beach clean to keep it looking gorgeous x

Besides the obvious environmental benefits, the philosophy behind the box is that by working together, we can make a difference to the planet. Whether that be by sharing our beach toys with each other, lift-sharing to work, or any activity where we help each other be more sustainable. Pretty beautiful, right?

We are also working with Bournemouth Council on their ‘leave only footprints’ campaign, which encourages people to take their stuff with them! So if you find any plastic toys or any reuseable products left on the beach, Urban Reef will be happy to take them to make sure they’re re-loved x

One thing you can do to contribute straight away is come and play in the sand! Come down to Urban Reef, grab a coffee in a biodegradable cup, a reused bucket and spade, and have some eco-friendly fun in the sun.

Hugs xx