Grab your oat, you've pulled ;)

Grab your oat, you've pulled ;)

Well, we have. Chef Nick has pulled some oats and created a STUNNING new vegan option for our menu at the Urban Garden. It hasn't been seen on any of the other urban menus, and as far as we are aware... We are one of few to use pulled oats in the South.

Don't worry, we know what you are thinking...

What on EARTH are pulled oats?

Well, that is the question. How do you pull an oat?

It’s pretty hard to find out anything substantial on the interweb about pulled oats in the UK. They are a food that has mainly taken off in Finland as a 100% meat-free alternative.

Pulled oats are a mix of oats, fava beans, and yellow peas – and when this amazing plant-powered concoction comes together, the texture is best described as firm yet chewy.  A sort of cross between mince and pulled pork, with just as much flavour (we might even dare to say MORE flavour).

Pulled oats are not only DELISH, but also super high in protein (as in, they have MORE protein than beef or chicken!), fibre – and low in saturated fat. So, if you have a pulled oat salad bowl in the Urban Garden you are sure to set yourself up for a day of body-loving goodness.

We supply our pulled oats from Gold & Greens – who are lovers of sustainability just like us. They love pulled oats because they're so clean and sustainable, and “contains absolutely no animal-based or genetically manipulated ingredients, no additives, fillers,  preservatives or any other weird stuff”. Apparently, oats are one of the most ecological crops we can grow.

We love that.

You can also grab the pulled oats in a more lunchy form, with our ‘pulled oat meatball’ rustic ciabatta – served with a helping of salted crisps and a side salad.

Urban Garden head chef, Nick, ‘loves how versatile they are’- you can add any flavour to make them taste just how you want.  Pulled pork? Pfft, it’s all about pulled oats now.

How did you find them?

Well, at the Urban Guild we are believers of using the term ‘plant-powered’ over vegan. To be a vegan, you may not necessarily be healthy. You can read more about why we preferred plant-powered here.

Our plant-powered dishes, however, are good for you, without sacrificing taste. They’re packed with flavours, and we believe they truly bring out the best in our locally sourced fruit and veg. Our chef’s work super hard to experiment with their vegan options, and Chef Nick wanted to implement something on the menu that was a little different to what he’d experienced on the vegan scene in Bournemouth.

A super AWESOME website called Gold & Greens supply our pulled oat goodness, and you can read a bunch more on there about how amazing pulled oats really are.

We won’t keep going on about our oats – we will let you give them a try yourself.  Come and dine among the tree-tops with us at the Urban Garden and let us know what you think.

Psst... This June we are offering 2 for £22 on mains at the Urban Garden, so be sure to grab your voucher here.

Love you xx