The World's smoooo-thest Vodka

The World's smoooo-thest Vodka

On this week’s Human’s of Hospitality podcast, Urban’s main man Mark Cribb spoke to Jason Barber of Black Cow Vodka, home of the World’s smooooooo-thest vodka - I’ve tried it, they’re not messing around.

Jason’s family has been making cheese for over 200 years - making them the World’s oldest surviving Cheddar makers. Jason told Mark that Black Cow stemmed from his own passion, “I’ve always drunk vodka, loved vodka, and Black Cow is born out of my love of vodka – work and play hard, basically.”

The passion and love of vodka translates perfectly to the product, and it’s one of the reasons we love using it at our venues.

Back in 2012, Jason, a dairy farmer by trade, and Paul Archard, recognised that the leftover product from the cheese making process had potential to be something incredible. And the first and only 100% milk-based vodka was born.

Yes, you read that right. Literally nothing goes into this vodka but milk. They have always been done proud by their traditional dairy products, and have created a ton of whey, as a bi-product and nothing more. So using it to create a whole new product is both genius AND extremely sustainable.

In simple terms;
- They take the excess whey after they’ve finished crafting the cheese.
- They introduce it to a yeast which feeds on the sugars in the whey.
- The yeast then creates ethanol (or alcohol) as it breaks down the sugars.
- This liquid is then distilled 3 times to purify and separate the liquids and the result is milky magic!

Generally, vodka finishes the distillation process at 97% proof! To bring this down to a legal (and less lethal) level, most companies add fresh spring water to dilute it but Black Cow isn’t like most companies. Instead, they draw the moisture content out of EVEN MORE MILK as the final piece of the puzzle.

I know it’s hard to believe, but when James Edis from Black Cow came to visit us with some of their products, it really brought their story to life. The feeling as it runs across your tongue can only be described as creamy, with a whole load of flavour which pairs perfectly with their unbeatable cheddar because (as they say) “if it grows together, it goes together.”

So! Because we have a small amount of common sense, Black Cow went straight into our Dorset Espresso Martini, along with Bad Hand espresso, Mozart chocolate liqueur and Conker cold brew. A local masterpiece if ever there was one. However you take your vodka, take it from us and Black Cow! The summer weather doesn’t last forever.

Hugs x

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