Why are our cake bags so rustly?

Why are our cake bags so rustly?

Cake by the ocean, oh! We love our bakers, and we love their cakes – but when it comes to breaking open the bag to get to the deliciousness... everyone knows about it. Rustle rustle rustle, a thousand crunchy leaves erupting in your very hands. You feel stares from across the room. “Is that a chocolate orange vegan brownie you’re opening?” someone calls.

The sound of sustainability

Ok, it might not be quite that dramatic. But the bags for Kay’s cakes are pretty noisy – and we know it. This is because they are made of cornstarch. Cornstarch packaging is a renewable and sustainable alternative to plastic packaging – it’s 100% compostable whether it goes in the regular bin or recycling bin. So it’s worth all the crinkle – crackle.

You can grab a range of our bakers packaged cookies, cakes, gingerbread friends, flapjacks and other goodies in all of our venues. This week, Kay, Emma & Naomi have been egg-citedly creating these little hoppy buddies down by the seaside. One of them managed to break loose at Urban Beach, and we found him in the plant pot on the deck.

Easter bunny gingerbread at urban beach hotel

It was his noisy, cornstarch ‘sleeping bag’ as he liked to call it, which gave him away.

Speaking of the Easter bunny...

If you’d like to do a little extra this Easter – we’ve got lots going on around the Urban Guild. At the Urban Beach hotel, we’ve got live music on Saturday and an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday accompanied by lunchtime roasts between 12 & 4 pm.

At Urban Reef, you’ll also be able to get your hands on a heart-warming roast before an Easter walk along the seaside. There is also the Bournemouth East Cliff Rotary Club Quarter Marathon on Saturday the 20th of April – which is starting right outside our doors! It occurs every year at Easter time and starts at 11 am. Come and grab some Easter fried eggs (and bacon and sausage) and cheer for the superhumans running to raise money for a local charity chosen by the Rotary Club.

Have a lovely Easter – and remember. You’re never too old for an Easter egg x