The Humans of Hospitality podcast

The Humans of Hospitality podcast

“In the last few years I’ve started to get really nervous, I’ve started to get nervous about big brands with their huge corporate budgets – making our wonderfully diverse and rich world of hospitality formulaic and dull.”


If you know about the Urban Guild family, you most certainly will know of its founder, Mark Cribb. You might have heard him tell his story. It’s inspired you to support everything local, ethical and seasonal about the Urban Guild family.

As the Urban Guild has been flourishing (and continuing to do so) for about 14 years now – Mark has been able to get an amazing insight into the competitive world of hospitality that some may not get the chance to see. There are so many discussions, opinions and stories all about the industry and how it impacts the world. Thus, the Humans of Hospitality podcast was born.

What’s ‘Humans of Hospitality’ all about?

Humans of Hospitality is a weekly podcast that is perfect for anyone interested in food, drink, travel or hospitality in general. Mark has been interviewing lots of amazing humans who have awe-inspiring stories to share about their own independent businesses. The official launch of the Podcast is on the 25th of February. 

But, if you just can’t wait that long, you can already listen to the stories of Steve Farrell (Eight Arch),  David Sax (Maison Sax) and Joe Lovett (Bad Hand Coffee) at Or, download & subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud & Stitcher. You can also learn more about Mark & his story on the website – and let him tell you himself where the Podcast came from and why it’s so important to him.

Mark Cribb

Anything from a weekend stay at a boutique hotel with fancy dinners & prosecco to boot, to a quick cake and coffee. Mark explains in the HoH trailer that “all of these vivid memories are fundamentally brought to you by humans of hospitality”.

“This podcast is all about celebrating and sharing their stories”

“I want the voices of all of these brilliant humans of hospitality rather than the brands of hospitality to be heard”