If you're looking for fish-facts, you've come to the right plaice ;)

If you're looking for fish-facts, you've come to the right plaice ;)

Hello there lover of sunshine, seafood, music and summer vibes.

We are getting ready for you to be all up in our grills this Saturday. The Urban Beach is hosting a day of serving up freshly grilled, delish fish out on the deck on Saturday the 15th of June.

We just wanted to tell you a little bit more about the fish we have to offer at our Fish Grill event this weekend - a bit about what they taste like, where they come from and why we chose the most sustainable fish for your dish.

What’s included in my ticket?

With your ticket, you’ll get a delicious whole fish cooked on the grill on the deck. You’ll also get a selection of three side dishes, paella and some delicious sauces to match – and we will have the grill fired up for cookin’ between 2 pm – 9 pm.

We will have a few fishies to choose from, including: Whole Cornish Black Bream, Whole Cornish Slip Sole & Whole Dorset Charr.

Whole Cornish Black Bream

If you haven’t had the chance to try Black bream before – it is a beautifully firm white fish, similar in taste and texture to bass. It’s actually not very popular in the UK, even though we can assure you it is truly yum.

It is ideal for grilling and only small quantities are landed to Cornish ports at a time, hence why it’s a very special fish. The Cornwall seafood guide gave Black Bream a 4/5 for sustainability, which is super awesome too x

Whole Cornish Slip Sole

Here's a good bit of SOLE food ;)

Cornish slip sole is a little flat fish with a delicate texture and a whole lotta flavour. They are crisp, white and a tiny bit sweet. We get our sole from Cornwall, where it is the most sustainable and the healthiest.

Whole Dorset Charr

A member of the salmon family, it is said that Charr fish is a good substitute for salmon because it is a lot more sustainable. It has a delicate texture, clean and mild flavour and is considered super high quality.

Sustainability & local suppliers

The fish for the day will be supplied by the lovely & local Hutchings Bros sea-food wholesalers. They live up in Southbourne, and our in-house bakers Kay and Emma even got the chance to go out on one of their boats to see where our fish really comes from. 

You can read more about this in our "Bakers on a boat" blog post x

Grab your ticket

We will be firing up the BBQ at around 2 pm and serving you with the finest, whole fish to order and enjoy alongside a selection of by-the-bottle guest wines. Cosy up on the heated seats and enjoy an evening of sea-vibed wine & dine - accompanied by live music out on the deck between 2 - 4 pm, and again at 6 - 8 pm to set the mood.

Tickets are just £30 per head, and if you use the code ‘FISHYFIVER’ on checkout- you’ll get £5 off when you purchase two or more tickets.

Grab your ticket here. Love you x