Tree loving 'n' hugging

Tree loving 'n' hugging

In 1840 Bournemouth began to develop the land which is what we now  know as Bournemouth Gardens, and thanks to Mr Tree (that really was his name) in 1871 the Lower Pleasure Gardens were designed with new walks, plantations and flowerbeds. So, Bournemouth has always been invested in maintaining green spaces. Now skip forward to 2019, nestled amongst the beautiful trees, is our very own Urban Garden, which opened newly this year.

Urban Guild is all about tree hugging (which is not new) so when we found out about the World’s 1st carbon positive Vodka, we just had to find out more!

 “A recent study found that an average bottle of vodka uses 2.8kg of carbon before it reaches its customer. One of our trees can absorb up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon in its lifetime, making each of our bottles significantly carbon positive.”

We can present our new alcohol star *Drum roll please* Sapling Spirits! A clean, crisp and naturally sweet vodka, but even better every bottle of Sapling sold plants a tree.

They want to be able to not only plant trees but to support the communities around the planting projects, and what a wonderful thing to do!  And to do this they have partnered with foundations that are leading the way to improve individual’s lives, including;

  • High Atlas Foundation in Morocco who have planted over 3 million trees, to enhance the livelihood of communities.
  • UK Agroforestry Partners who work to benefit local farmers and to increase biodiversity around the farms in Suffolk.
  • Trees for Cities who aim to build resilience against threats facing the natural environment, such as reconnecting children with nature through an Edible Playgrounds programme.

As many of you know Urban Guild really loves giving back to the community and the natural world. And Sapling Spirits really are aligned with our ethos, so we are super excited to be welcoming them as a new supplier to our venues.  So why not come in and try some of their wonderful vodka, knowing that your making a difference to the planet at the same time is sure to put a smile on your face!

Come and join in on the tree loving ‘n’ hugging x