Urban Beach Hotel Talisker Snug

Urban Beach Hotel Talisker Snug

Okay, so let me set the scene. You and some loved ones want to meet on chilly winter’s night. You want to embrace the dramatic seasonal atmosphere, but still feel warm and fuzzy, while having the biggest laughs and the best time. Enter… the Urban Beach Hotel Talisker Snug!

The team at Urban Beach teamed up with the heart-warming Talisker whiskey to put together the snuggliest snug in the land! A few things that have earned it its title include:

  • Heated seats
  • Outdoor heating
  • Roaring fire
  • Twinkling fairy lights
  • Access for everyone; no matter how many legs (woof x)

These beauts’ build a balmy tree for a boozy star to shine; the drinks!

Talisker Snug Drinks Menu

The menu was caringly created by the Urban Beach bar team. Here are the toasty treats they came up with.

Talisker Hot Chocolate:

The absolute Christmas classic, done our way. Sweet, smooth and supremely settling. (It’s vegan too!).
Ingredients: Talisker, golden syrup, oat milk, dark chocolate


Tanqueray mulled gin:

We all miss G&T season, but we have to embrace the now. And to do so, here’s the drink that’ll fog up your glasses and feed your Gin craving.
Ingredients: Tanqueray gin, apple, honey, ginger, juniper


Isle of Skye Hot Toddy:

Whether it’s a night cap to settle down with, or a winter warmer to kick things off, the Hot Toddy is not the cocktail you want to miss this Christmas.  Here to soothe your mood and get you ready to groove.

Ingredients: Talisker, ginger liqueur, heather honey, lemon, appl


Talisker mulled cider:

Our mulled cider is fresh, fruity and eloquently Christmassy. It’s sure to make your spirit levels rise, in more ways than one.
Ingredients: Talisker, cinnamon, ginger, apple, raspberry


Mulled Wine:

The second we tick into December, we drink it by the bucket-load. But for now, just start with a warm, spicy mug full.
Ingredients: red wine, Urban mulling spices


Hot Buttered Rum:

We think this is our ace in the ho-ho-hole. The buttery, creamy soul-warmer is something you need in your life.
Ingredients: Pampero rum, Urban butter spice mix


And that concludes our Talisker Snug line-up! Come and give it a go – it’s something different that’ll bring that same magical feeling we feel every year. Available for group bookings or ad-hoc visits.


See you there soon! Big hugs xx