Going local at Christmas

Going local at Christmas

Hello, lovely human beings. It’s almost – kind of – sorta – a month till Christmas. We think that’s an acceptable time to start getting excited – don’t you? Hopefully, you’ve started thinking about what you’re buying for your loved ones.

Now, we don’t want to get all prancer and dancer about why you should come to US specifically at Christmas because you probably already know how super lovely the people of the Urban Guild are. But, we will tell you that we are in fact a local business ourselves – run by real, passionate people. And we too understand why it is so much easier to grab next day delivery off Amazon and save yourself some pennies. Although, at a time like December when Sleigh bells are ringing and big old corporate company banks are pinging – supporting local is EVEN more vital.

The boring-ish bit

Ok, so it is a bit boring to discuss – but it’s probably the most important reasoning behind supporting local. And that is the economy. Local businesses build our high-streets and form the foundations of our economy. Think about it. Imagine you pop into the local butchers and buy a fresh joint of lamb for your Sunday dinner. That money you spend goes toward the lovely person who owns that business – and he is sick of seeing meat all day – so he pops in and grabs a cake from the independent cafe around the corner on his lunch break. Research shows that every £10 spent in a local, independent shop means £50 goes back into the local economy. Oh, and it creates local jobs too.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

The better bit

Did you know that going local & independent is mostly better for the environment too? Not only because you can take a nice walk down to the shop, but also because when you do order from massive multinational companies – they often need LOADS of cars, lorries and other hefty equipment to produce & get that Christmas pressie to you. And ordering things online can be dodgy… we’ve all been there…


We love our coffee suppliers Bad Hand Coffee because they deliver their coffee by bike. So, helping the economy and the environment, an amazing start. But let’s talk about the fun stuff.

The fun bit

Originality. How hard is it now to find a good pressie for your mate that their other friend didn’t get them too?

Well, a lot of independent businesses add variety to the shopping world that wouldn’t be there if we didn’t support them. Every little thing that an independent offers you has a sprinkling of personality in it. They are run by people, not algorithms, so independent businesses usually fit in beautifully with their location and attract tourism.  People will travel to see something unique and different. They can also innovate and change things at their own will – so your opinion will definitely make all the difference. You’ll talk to a real person rather than a machine.

The best bit

The best bit for us, and we think for you – is people. You cannot beat meeting a lovely local business owner who knows everyone in the town, can tell you all the best spots and even join you for a pint after work. They will listen intently and can easily tailor things for you without having to go through millions of forms. It goes further than just a purchase.

They will go home to their families and tell them all about how they had a lovely customer that day. It may even put them in a good mood for the rest of the night, so they decide to treat their family to a meal out at a local restaurant or buy a few extra pressies this year. And the story goes on x


So there we have it. Supporting local business is a wonderful thing – a great hug to give at Christmas time! If you are one of the early birds looking for presents, and looking to support local in Bournemouth, come down and see us at the Christmas Market this year. We have chutneys, beers, coffee and cakes all ready to be packaged up and given as beautiful, unique Xmas gifts.
Love and Hugs x