World vegan day: why we prefer plant-powered

World vegan day: why we prefer plant-powered

First of all: happy world vegan day everyone. World vegan day is all about celebrating why veganism is beneficial for us, animals and the world around us. But, you can be vegan – and still be unhealthy. We are going to tell you why we use the phrase plant-powered instead of vegan.

You can be a vegan who eats crisps all day long, has microwave meals instead of freshly cooked foods, and party rings for dessert. Our plant powered options are not only vegan – but they’re good for you. They’re whole foods. Raw, nothing processed. Full of nutrition and cooked fresh by our lovely chefs. And they may even inspire you to come up with your own plant-powered dishes – vegan or not!

Massaman curry vegan

The main meal 

So – we have given our menu a little autumnal re-vamp and we have loads of nice bits and bobs for you.

In terms of mains, we have a DELISH plant powered burger. It’s made up of brown rice, quinoa, mushroom, black beans & oats, a GLUTEN FREE (yeah we went there) bun, pineapple & avocado salsa (like, wow) and it is served with baby gem lettuce, tomato and house fat chips.

Not feeling a burger? What about a yummy curry? Our plant powered massaman curry is gluten-free and plant-powered. It's full of flavour – containing pumpkin (very seasonal) and tofu, rich yellow sauce with the perfect Thai balance of sweet & heat. Perf.

Vegan pasta linguini food

Next food group, please. PASTA? YES! We have a broccoli, rainbow chard & toasted nuts linguini served with roasted garlic & thyme oil.  Hearty and healthy.

If you like stuff stuffed, we got ya covered too. We’ve stuffed a squash with quinoa, mushroom & almond – served with beetroot and tofu sauce. Ya can’t beet it. Or – if you’re more red than yellow – our cider and hazelnut stuffed tomato is delicious too. Its a big old tomato filled with roasted hazelnuts, cider brown rice, garlic & onion, parsley & coriander crumb. And the sauce? Tomato and honey, of course.

Local stuffed squash - vegan dish food

Maybe none of that tickles your fancy and you just want a whole bowl of plant powered goodness to bury your face in instead. A whole food bowl: filled with pineapple & avocado salsa, red & white quinoa, roasted red peppers, veggie sliders, chilli flakes and orange & pomegranate dressing.

Another course? Of course!     

Our mains do sound delish, but if you’re feeling something lighter – or something to treat yourself to before and after dinner, we, of course, have you plant powered lovers covered. We have a plant powered sharer with all kinds of delicious treats or a mango & black bean wrap to settle the hunger pains at lunchtime.

Plant powered sharer - vegan food

For starters, we have yummy Panzanella topped with tomatoes, red onion, roasted peppers, croutons & dressing (plant-powered, of course). Our warm bread selection is plant-powered and can be gluten-free, we also have a kale, red cabbage, walnut & orange salad.

The best part: dessert. A fig and apricot gooey oat slice (my mouth is watering) served warm (how else??) with Purbeck lemon jazz sorbet. Oh man.

The Main Man

Founder of The Urban Guild group, Mark Cribb, has even adopted his own plant-based diet to really explore how to create the best dishes:

“I read some books, watched some documentaries and decided the only real way to understand was to follow the diet myself. As a keen cyclist and lover of food, a heap of artificial, processed fake meats was not really for me. However, the ‘Whole Food Plant Based’ diet and philosophy around food, health, fitness and social conscience were. I’ve now been following this plant-based diet for 8 months and have learnt a great deal about the lack of sustainability long term for the human race around a meat-based diet. It’s been an eye-opener and I’m still considering the implications and how to have an impact on this. What I’ve loved is the abundance of amazing whole foods available to eat and the variety this diet can offer. A surprise for me.

Off the back of this, it’s enabled me, working with our brigade of chefs within the business to develop some Plant Based menu options. Our previous menus have had a sometimes token vegan dish or two, whilst vegetarian dishes have been on our menus for many years. However, with both often dishes were unhealthy and deep fried, albeit vegan. With our latest menus we’ve tried to come up with a plant-based version of as many dishes as possible, whilst looking at whole foods and health…within reason…everyone likes a treat.

So on the new menu as an example on the Massaman curry, you’ll find a Fish, Plant and Meat option, same on the nachos, and burgers, etc. We’ve learnt how to make cheese alternatives using nuts, rather than fake processed foods. We’re continuing to learn and I’ve decided to stick to the diet.”


We love world vegan day and want to promote healthy living in every way we can.
Happy vegging everyone! Love you from my head tomatoes x