Why Pineapples?

Urban Guild We love the story of the pineapple. It has been a symbol of hospitality for hundreds of years. Legend has it that upon return from global travels the Captain of the ship would stake a pineapple to his door or fence post outside his house.

This would symbolise to friends and locals that his doors were open to enjoy fine food and booze from around the globe, to celebrate his return and to share stories of his travels.

Over the years pineapples have been carved into wood, stone, bedsteads and on signs outside inns and homes, in each case to symbolise warm welcomes and great hospitality.

In days gone by it was even possible to hire pineapples for social gatherings to express the very finest occasion, even if funds could not quite stretch to actual consumption!

Now you know this you will spot them in so many places, especially at the Urban Guild, where as always they are an invitation to come on in, join us and share stories of life’s adventures.