We believe whether it is your 1st or your 100th visit you should be treated with awesome hospitality every single time you are good enough to visit one of our venues. ‘Hospitality’ is why we are excited to come to work every single day.

At the moment, we are not taking in any new members, and have paused the benefits for our current Huggers. Right now, I hope you understand that we need your support more than ever. Our basic business model in ‘normal’ times is to make enough money in the summer months to get through the winter, with the team and business intact, and ideally a bit of profit left to re-invest. In essence this year we have lost that opportunity, and now it is all about fighting to keep the business afloat, and protecting as many of our team's jobs as possible.

We know most of you understand this already. It’s been very humbling to receive so much of your support. Your lovely messages were a key reason we decided to fight to trade out of this predicament. Some of you have still been buying vouchers and not wanting to use them, some of you have asked us to reset your points to zero, some have donated hampers to those in need. You are indeed a lovely bunch of huggers.

So with all that in mind my point is we need to pause the Hug Club until we are back on our feet. We don’t know how long that will be right now, but as always we’ll keep you posted and be transparent. For now, could you please do us a favour and not collect or spend any points. If you have monetary vouchers you can keep for now and spend later, that is also helpful. We will of course extend their expiry date. Please do still show your hug club card or tell us when you visit, so we can log that you have been in, and still treat you with an extra dollop of love.

We’d already paused any monthly fees for the Hug Club, and all annual payers will have their subscription periods extended to cover this paused period. Thank you for your understanding. Right now points literally mean jobs. We want to protect the team, and return to being the successful, solvent business you all know and love. 


Simon 🍍 


…ethically sourced,
beautifully cooked


…friendly spaces in
beautiful locations

Hugs for

…giving back to you
and the local community